Press Release: [short description of the big news]

Press Release: [short description of the big news]

Introduce the reader to what's new. A new partnership, product, service, or achievement? Tell us all about it, just keep it short and to the point. Being excited is ok, but don't go all crazy here either or sales focused. Being humble is the key here.

Press releases have a standard format that you should follow:

  • Title
  • Summary ​(4-5 sentences, in bold)
  • Main text​ (2-3 paragraphs)
  • Boilerplate(s)​ (a 4-5 sentence description of what your company does)
  • Contact details​ (not for publication)

Here you can find a great example:

What does this mean for the reader?

Answer this question very clearly. Explain what it means for them and the reason for this article. Make sure that they first understand the value or benefit for them. Consider creating a small video that grabs attention and drives excitement.

Highlight your main benefit with a quote

Announcement Animation Gif (source: Giphy)

Why are we excited?

Heres the time to go further in-depth. Try sharing some inside perspective on this announcement and have a couple of important people share their views and why they are enthusiastic. This is a very personal and authentic way of presenting yourself, so go for it. Try to use quotes and visuals of the people involved.

Photographer: bruce mars | Source: Unsplash

Details and info the reader needs to know

Are there any additional nitty-gritty details that the reader needs to know about?

If so, list the changes:

  • Process steps
  • Updates
  • Etc.

What's next?

Here you can explain the important next steps. What are you going to do and, more importantly, what should (or could) the reader do to move forward?

Make sure to give them proper directions or call to actions such as:

Who are you again?

Remind your readers about your company. Summarize what you do in four to five sentences. Include a picture of your team.

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