Meet Regulatory Deadlines while Improving Your Compliance Process

Join Canada’s most comprehensive conference for Registrants. Hear from the regulators and source strategies to strengthen your compliance.

Gain exclusive insights and knowledge on:

  1. Regulatory Guidance: Update your compliance calendar
  2. Fintech: Navigate a fast changing landscape
  3. Best Interest Standards: Plan the next requirements
  4. Cyber-security: Review your obligations
  5. Anti-money Laundering: Prepare for June 2017
  6. Mutual Fund Fees: Assess the implication on your firm
  7. KYP: Adapt your shelves
  8. Cross-border Regulation: Work with Canadian and US investors
  9. CRM2: Improve your reporting
  10. Proficiency: Ensure your staff’s training
30 + Speakers
7 Panels
5 + Regulators
2 Breakout Sessions

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