Michael Taylor


Michael’s practice focuses on the regulatory requirements applicable to investment funds. He advises securities registrants throughout their securities registration and compliance lifecycles.

Additionally, Michael assists clients with adherence to ISDA protocols and in preparing derivatives documentation.

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Day 1: Jun 17, 2020

Day 2: Jun 18, 2020

11:00 am

11:00 am

Setting Today’s Plan from Chair

Review yesterday’s highlights and prepare for your day!

1:00 pm

1:00 pm

Managing Change – Emerging Issues

The news cycle is constant, urgent, and ever changing, raising significant issues that can move markets quickly and unexpectedly. Gain insight into these issues and learn how you can equip yourself and your firm to proactively adopt measures to minimize impacts.  Issues addressed will encompass:

  • The increasing importance of, and focus on, Environmental, Social and Governance factors in the investment space
  • Financial consequences and impact of COVID-19, and other similar current (and future) global events
  • Growing importance of liquidity risk management

Gain valuable insight into emerging issues to manage change and risks facing the securities and financial industries