Toronto, ON

Wednesday April 26th &
Thursday April 27th 2017

Regulatory changes are coming. Are you prepared?

Lead in bold font.

Regulatory announcements are expected in Spring 2016. Be in the know to guide your firm accordingly.

Specially designed for executives involved in financial services regulation, this is Canada’s top event of the year!

EXCLUSIVE: Engage in Q&A with OSC, AMF, BCSC, and ASC

IN-DEPTH AND SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS: Investment Fund/Portfolio Managers vs. Exempt Market Dealers

Get your answers on the spot, all in one place, at one time.

In a highly interactive setting, source insights and strategies to:

  • Protect your firm and minimize risks from cyber attacks
  • Guide your business should trailer fees be banned like in the UK
  • Remain compliant and avoid sanctions
  • Cross your t’s and dot your i’s with CRM2 implementation
  • Integrate robo-advisors while meeting your fiduciary duties
  • Foster a compliant culture to protect your investors and firm

Attend this prestigious event to hear the latest updates affecting your role and business.

Know your requirements and achieve compliance excellence!

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