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Regulatory Update | CRM2 | Registrant Misconduct | SEC Update | Capital Markets Stability Act | FATCA | Crowdfunding | Compliance Reviews

Stay up to date with regulatory changes!

EXCLUSIVE: Securities Commissions from ON, BC, MB, QC, and U.S.

Hear directly from regulators, industry experts, and international regulators on how to remain compliant.

Learn from leading industry experts on Crowdfunding, Registrant Conduct and the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System.

BREAK OUTS: CRM2 or Exempt Market Dealers or Investment Fund/Porfolio Managers

Your next step: THIS CONFERENCE!

Take away 10 practical solutions to your challenges:
  1. Obtain regulatory guidance from Regulators
  2. Discuss the challenges of CRM2
  3. Attend specialized in-depth sessions for registrants
  4. Understand common inefficiencies of registrant conduct
  5. Gain insight from the OCIE of the SEC
  6. Build effective compliance programs
  7. Identify developments in the CCMR
  8. Grasp OTC Derivatives registrant challenges
  9. Implement new technology solutions for compliance
  10. Learn new initiatives from the Investment Adviser Association

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