8th Annual Registrant Regulation Conduct & Compliance Summit
Regulatory Update | CRM2 | Registrant Misconduct | SEC Update | Capital Markets Stability Act | FATCA | Crowdfunding | Compliance Reviews

Stay informed on the new Capital Markets Regulatory System. Learn directly about new developments from four provincial regulators. Prepare for compliance audits and examinations.

Get an update on CRM2, asses crowdfunding rules, and how FATCA is moving ahead in Canada and other countries.

Get an update on regulations and enforcement from the SEC. Attend three interactive breakout sessions and gain solutions to your concerns. Take away insights on compliance reviews and registrant misconduct for all registrants.

Network directly with regulators and peers to get answers to your challenges.

Your first step- THIS CONFERENCE!

Breakout Sessions:

Hear from industry leaders and take away 10 practical benefits:
  1. Get regulatory updates directly from the provincial regulators
  2. Move forward on CRM2
  3. Grasp the challenges cybersecurity threats
  4. Understand the impact of FATCA
  5. Gain insight on registrant misconduct
  6. Analyze what changes are being made by international regulators
  7. Get solutions to compliance audits and examinations
  8. Learn about what’s ahead for new Capital Markets Regulatory System
  9. Hear from the SEC on U.S. regulatory requirements and enforcement
  10. Acquire insight on Crowdfunding in Canada

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